Google’s Bid-for-placement Patent Settlement Cover-up

When Google acquired blogging startup Blogger in February 2003, nobody foresaw that two years later Google will earn the ignominious distinction of being one of the first corporations to fire an employee for blogging. In January of this year, Mark Jen a new Google hire was sent packing for a blogging offense. Mark Jen writes in […]

What Microsoft Wants from Yahoo

Microsoft’s now retracted acquisition bid for Yahoo has been endlessly analysed in the media and myriad explanations have been offered for Microsoft’s interest in Yahoo. Analysts have generally assumed the obvious that Microsoft made the bid in order to acquire Yahoo. Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang, though, does not agree with this assumption. He has publicly claimed that […]

Random Permutation Generation

Many problems require the use of randomly generated permutations, kpermutations, and ksubsets. Simple and efficient algorithms exist for producing these combinatorial objects; however, these algorithms are somewhat subtle and most people do not intuitively understand them. The algorithm for generating random permutations is the most significant of these algorithms, and the other algorithms are simple […]

The Probability of Unplayable Solitaire (Klondike) Games

The Solitaire game Klondike has a few idiosyncracies: not all Klondike games are solvable. Moreover, Klondike sometimes produces unplayable games. In such cases no moves are available to the player even at the beginning of the game. The probability of occurrence of unplayable games is an important number as it is a lower bound for […]

Why Windows is a Security Nightmare

Security in all mainstream operating systems is non-existent; however, things are especially bad for Windows. Windows happens to be the favorite target of worm and virus writers. Conventional wisdom suggests that the huge installed base of Windows helps spread the worms and viruses, and also makes it a highly attractive target for worm/virus writers. The […]