Table of Contents

Software Tool Developers

Categorize requires a lot of free and open source tools for its development and I am grateful to all the developers who put in an incredible amount of effort developing the tools. Categorize uses the following tools:

Addons Developers

I have also found the following Firefox addons to be indispensable for the development of Categorize:

Icon Set Authors

Icons are essential for any decent looking GUI application, but most developers (including me) tend to be terrible at graphics design. Fortunately, a number of generous individuals have made several high quality icon sets available for free. Categorize uses icons from the following icon sets:

Users and Reviewers

The developers of tools and icon sets have aided the development of Categorize greatly but only indirectly. Users and reviewers of Categorize however have directly guided the development of Categorize. I am totally in debt to reviewers who have provided crucial insights as to the weaknesses and strengths of the Categorize; users who have chosen to install it and use it on a daily basis; and regular Categorize support forum posters who inform me of bugs and suggest new features. Please keep up the good work!

The Firefox Team

Last but not least, I am especially grateful to the Firefox team for letting me take a stab at developing critical features of a web-browser and have people use them on a daily basis.