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Automated Backups

Categorize automatically creates backups of the user’s bookmarking data on a regular basis. Restoring a backup reverts the bookmarking database to the state it was in at the time the backup was taken.

The backups can be used to recover from accidental deletions or other unwanted changes to the bookmarking database. The user can also manually create new backups. This is useful when the user anticipates making extensive experimental changes to the bookmarking database.

The automated backup functionality is managed via the Administrative Tasks sub-menu of the Bookmarks menu.

The Administrative Tasks Menu

Predefined Items

Categorize features such as groups and keywords are very convenient to use, but are not so easy to setup. A usable setup of groups requires the creation of dozens of bookmarks and subsequent arrangement of the bookmarks into groups. Setting up keywords requires even more effort. All of this effort may be worthwhile for advanced users, but expecting new users to do all this work in order to be productive is unreasonable and wasteful of their time.

To address this issue, Categorize offers a collection of predefined items. This collection includes several dozen bookmarks, groups, and keywords. These predefined items allow new users to be instantly productive. Additionally, they demonstrate the bookmarking functionality of Categorize, and serve as a customizable platform for users to build upon.

Predefined items can be added/updated/removed via the Administrative Tasks sub-menu of the Bookmarks menu. The removal of predefined items is highly inadvisable as all customizations made to them by the user are lost. Additionally, unanticipated side-effects can occur if the user has used predefined bookmarks in defining new groups.

Create a backup of your bookmarking database using the Administrative Tasks menu before removing predefined items. This way you can restore the backup if unanticipated side-effects occur because of the removal of predefined items.

Bookmark Import

Categorize manages new bookmarks separately from the user’s existing bookmarks created before the installation of Categorize. Because of this the user’s existing bookmarks may not be available in Categorize at the time of a fresh extension installation. To address this issue, Categorize provides the ability to import regular Firefox bookmarks into its bookmarking database.

The bookmark import functionality is accessible via the Administrative Tasks sub-menu of the Bookmarks menu. Imported bookmarks can also be deleted as a collection via the Administrative Tasks sub-menu. However, the deletion of imported bookmarks can lead to unanticipated changes if the imported bookmarks have been edited after import and used in the definition of groups and keywords. Therefore, it is best not to delete imported bookmarks once they have been in use for a while.

TIP:By default, all imports are added to the imported bookmarks category. To merge them into your regular category hierarchy use the category rename functionality.

Bookmark Export

To convert Categorize bookmarks to traditional Firefox bookmarks or to move them to a different browser Categorize supports bookmark export. Categorize exports bookmarks in the standard html-format used by Firefox to export bookmarks. This means that exported bookmarks are accessible by any application that can read/import html-format Firefox bookmarks.

The bookmarks export functionality is accessible via the Administrative Tasks sub-menu of the Bookmarks menu.

Uninstalling extension

No special steps are needed to uninstall Categorize. The default Firefox addon uninstall procedure works fine. Categorize saves all its bookmarking data in a separate database, so after uninstall the old Firefox bookmarking menu will get restored with all your old bookmarks perfectly intact.

If you need access to the bookmarks you created using Categorize, you can export them from Categorize before uninstalling Categorize and then import them using the Firefox Bookmarks importHTML option in the Firefox bookmarks manager. Categorize does not delete its bookmarking database on uninstall, so in case you have already uninstalled Categorize and want to recover your Categorize bookmarks, simply reinstall Categorize and then follow the above procedure.