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The Bookmark Panel

The bookmark panel allows bookmarks to be annotated with information. It is accessed using the star button at the end of the bookmarks toolbar. For quicker access, the bookmark panel can also be opened via the <Ctrl+D> key combination.

The bookmark panel

Bookmark Tags

The bookmark panel supports visual tagging of bookmarks as Important and/or Read Later. Two buttons for these tags facilitate quick marking of bookmarks.

The tag buttons
Tag buttons with Read Later and Important tags checked

New bookmarks are tagged Read Later by default. This behavior can be changed by the bookmark button (star button) context menu.

The bookmark button context menu


Two alternative tags for marking bookmarks are also available. These are accessed by middle-clicking or shift-clicking the tag buttons.

Tag buttons with alternative tags checked

Additional Annotations

By default the bookmark panel only displays bookmark title and bookmark category fields. However, the bookmark panel supports annotating of bookmarks with additional information too. The additional annotations are infrequently used and their fields are hidden. To access the hidden fields, with the bookmark panel open either press <Ctrl+D> or press the form show-all button (the brick with a pencil icon towards the bottom right of the panel).

The bookmark panel with all fields showing
Use the Notes field to store website login information and password hints.


The bookmark panel is highly customizable. When the bookmark panel show-all button (the brick with a pencil icon) is pressed the bookmark panel in addition to showing all available fields also shows two additional buttons at the end of each field. These buttons control the display of a field in the regular bookmark panel view.

The first of these buttons (the button with the brick icon) selects a field for permanent display as part of the regular bookmark panel. The other button selects a field for display as part of the regular bookmark panel, if its content is non-empty for a particular bookmark.

The bookmark panel with customize buttons showing

The Bookmarks Menu

Categorize replaces the Firefox Bookmarks Menu with its own Bookmarks Menu.

The Categorize Bookmarks Menu

The Firefox Bookmarks Menu

The traditional Firefox Bookmark Menu can be accessed via a sub-menu of the Categorize Bookmarks Menu.

The Firefox Bookmarks Menu


The Categorize Bookmarks Menu displays the ten most recent bookmarks in the menu. This display can be turned off via the Categorize Options panel.

Bookmarks Menu without recent bookmarks

Categorize Sidebars

Categorize supports two sidebar-panes. Two sidebar-panes are required because several Categorize bookmarking operations require two sidebars to be open in the same window. The two sidebar panes provide this ability. The sidebar-panes can be individually toggled using the sidebar pane toggle buttons in the bookmarks toolbar.

You can also use the keyboard shortcuts <Ctrl+B> and <Ctrl+H> to toggle the sidebar-panes. <Ctrl+B> opens the left sidebar-pane , and <Ctrl+H> opens the right sidebar-pane. This behavior differs from the standard Firefox behavior for these shortcuts. Under Firefox these shortcuts open the bookmarks and history sidebars.

Sidebar-panes open with the sidebar they were showing at the time of last sidebar-pane close. To switch to a different sidebar, use the sidebar-toolbar or the sidebar-menu in the header of a sidebar-pane.

The bookmark sidebar with the sidebar menu open
The sidebar toolbar in the sidebar-pane header is customizable. To customize the toolbar, open the Customize Toolbar sub-menu in the sidebar menu and check/uncheck the sidebar icons you want displayed.

Categorize comes with several different sidebars. These include, the bookmarks sidebar, the groups sidebar, the keywords sidebar, the categories sidebar, and the search history sidebar.

The bookmarks sidebar is intended as the primary interface for accessing bookmarks. To open the bookmarks sidebar, click on one of the sidebar-box toggle buttons in the bookmarks toolbar, and if required, select the Bookmarks item from the sidebar selection menu at the top-left of the sidebar-box.

The bookmarks sidebar

Each row in the bookmarks sidebar displays the bookmark title and the Important status for that bookmark (Read Later status can also be optionally displayed). You can click the appropriate icons in a bookmark row to edit the important status of that bookmark.

Filtering Bookmarks

The bookmarks sidebar is very useful for filtering bookmarks by important status. To display important bookmarks only, click on the important column header. Click the header again to show all bookmarks.

The bookmarks sidebar with important bookmarks only

The bookmarks sidebar also allows filtering of bookmarks by favorite icon. Clicking the favorite icon of a bookmark limits the view to all bookmarks that share the same favorite icon. Clicking the favorite icon again or clicking the header of the favorite icon column removes the filter from the view.

The bookmarks sidebar with Wikipedia articles only

You can open bookmarks by either double clicking or middle clicking an item. You can edit bookmark information by first selecting the target bookmark and then editing its information in the bookmark form at the bottom of the bookmarks sidebar.

Sharing Webpages

To share a webpage, context click the appropriate browser tab and choose Mail Link from the context menu. Categorize will compose a new email message using your favorite email program. The message will have all the details of the webpage you want to share. You just have to pick recipients for the message from the address book of your email program and send the message.

Tab context menu

You can also share links by using the bookmarks toolbar share icon. By default, the share icon is not visible. It needs to be made visible via Categorize options before it can be used.

The share webpage icon

Sharing Notes

Categorize automatically adds any notes it finds to the email message it generates for sharing.

Sharing Snippets

To share a snippet in a web-page, select the snippet you want to share in the browser window and select Mail Link from the current browser tab context menu (or click the share icon). Categorize will add the snippet to the email message it generates for you to send.

Drag and Drop

You don’t have to be visiting a webpage to share it. The share button is drag and drop aware. This means you can drag and drop bookmarks and web addresses on the share icon to share them.