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These are some of the issues and bugs I am aware of. You can report additional bugs and usability issues to the Categorize Support Forum.

Some of the issues mentioned below are unlikely to get fixed anytime soon. The current goal is to focus on usability issues related to functionality that gets heavy use. New releases are likely to be spaced 2-3 months apart. Each new release will take on some major usability issue and a few bugs.


  • No support for bookmarks syncing
    The extension does not currently allow bookmarks to be synced to an external bookmarking service. This is an important issue and internally Categorize has always been designed to keep syncing in mind; however, this feature is unlikely to be implemented in the next few months.

  • No support for feeds/livemarks
    Support for feeds is planned for a future release.


  • The categories and groups sidebars are too similar in appearance
    A complete revamp of the groups sidebar is planned for a future release.


  • Poor Awesome Bar integration
    Currently, bookmarked items are not reported as bookmarked in the Awesome Bar and the extension uses Firefox 2.0 style auto-complete popup.