Table of Contents
  • Groups
    You may not realize it, but your browser limits you to ten or at best twenty websites: sites that you can easily access via toolbars. In fact, this short-coming of browser interfaces is one reason why people resort to Feed Readers to track websites. Groups expand your online universe by at least an order of magnitude. They let you open tens of your favorite websites in separate tabs with just a click. In some cases, they completely obviate the need for a Feed Reader. Even better, unlike Feed Readers, groups do not get on your nerves by asking you to filter an endless stream of link soup. Groups make web browsing highly productive and fun.

  • Tabsets
    There is no point in having the ability to open tens of tabs via groups if you are going to drop dead of information overload. Fortunately, Categorize tabsets are there to help save your life. They make it a cinch to manage even upwards of fifty tabs in a single window.

  • Visual Tags
    Want to maintain a reading list of bookmarks? How about a second reading list with important bookmarks only? Categorize lets you mark bookmarks with visual tags. These visual tags make tasks like maintaining reading lists a snap. With Categorize, filtering bookmarks by visual tags is just a single click. Adding and removing items to the various lists is also a single click.

  • Categories
    Happen to know someone who has 13,212 bookmarks organized in 7,215 folders? Must be some psychotic bookmarking freak with a nasty folder fetish! Glad that you do not know any such person? Actually, now you do. So why that many folders? Well, this is the organization you get when you have the best mechanism for organizing bookmarks invented to date. Categories are super-charged folders with the convenience of tags. Like tags, categories do not need to be created before use, but unlike tags, they have structure. In fact, categories completely subsume both folders and tags. Assigning bookmarks to categories involves searching for the appropriate category and the process is simpler than tagging. As an added bonus, more categories imply less bookmarking effort and that explains the 7,215 categories in my bookmarking database.

  • Bookmarks Toolbar
    The Categorize bookmarks toolbar is one of its most useful features. It lets you access your groups, browse your bookmarking categories, visually tag bookmarks, view your browsing history, and even search and sort your bookmarks via a simple interface.

  • Quick Search Toolbar
    If you like the Firefox Findbar, you will love the Categorize Quick Search Toolbar. In Firefox, the / key opens the Findbar. Categorize builds on that. With Categorize holding the Shift key along with the / key (the same as typing the ? key) pops the Quick Search Toolbar. This toolbar has all the functionality of the search bar. It lets you quickly type keywords or perform web-searches. Best of all, when you hit Enter, it does the specified action and disappears.

  • Address Bar Enhancements
    Did you know what happens when you press <Shift+Enter> in the Firefox address bar? Firefox appends a .net to whatever you have typed in the address bar and loads the resulting web-address. Yuck! A total waste of the most accessible shortcut available to the user. Categorize does something smart. It opens the typed web-address in a background tab, but clears the address bar and keeps the focus there. This lets you type multiple web-addresses in quick succession. The shortcut works with anything: web-addresses, keywords, keyword searches and more are all OK. Categorize does not waste the <Ctrl+Enter> shortcut either. With that shortcut it opens a new tabset for the user. Of course, you can combine the two shortcuts to open a new tabset in the background.

  • Keywords
    Tired of stupid keywords that can either act as a web-address shortcut or a search shortcut? Categorize keywords are smart. They can do both. Even better, Categorize supports search auto-completion, so repeating the same or a similar search is now a breeze. Categorize supports group keywords too. Group keywords let you open multiple bookmarks quickly. Not only that, but they also let you query multiple search engines at once.