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What are Groups?

Groups are named lists of bookmarks. Groups facilitate quick access to bookmarks. Opening a group opens tabs for all the bookmarks listed under the group in a separate tabset.

Groups and tabsets are not the same. Groups are lists of bookmarks while tabsets are lists of tabs.

Groups allow users to organize their web browsing activities. For instance, a user may have several favorite news sites she visits regularly. Creating a group for her favorite news sites will allow her to open all her favorite news sites with a single click. As an added benefit she will be able to isolate her reading activity to a separate tabset, so she will have less tab clutter to worry about.

Groups are useful for search as well. For instance, you can create a group with several search-engines included in it, and assign it the keyword s. Now you can use s followed by your search query in the address bar to perform the search query via all the search-engines included in the group.

Frequently used groups can be listed under the Groups Menu. The Groups Menu is accessed via the Groups button (the button with a plus icon) in the bookmarks sidebar. Groups can be added/updated via the toolbar at the bottom of the menu. Items in the Groups Menu can be rearranged by drag and drop.

The Groups Menu
The Groups Menu Edit Mode

The More Groups Menu

The More Groups Menu is intended for less frequently used groups. Its functionality is identical to that of the Groups Menu. Items can be moved between this menu and the Groups Menu via drag and drop.

The More Groups Menu

The Groups Sidebar

Groups are managed via the Groups Sidebar. To open the groups sidebar, open a sidebar box, and select Groups from the sidebar selection menu at the top-left of the sidebar box.

The Groups Sidebar

Groups in the groups sidebar are sorted by title. Groups that are listed under the Groups Menu have blue plus icons displayed next to their titles. Groups that are listed under the More Groups Menu have green plus icons displayed next to their titles.

Groups can be added to or removed from the appropriate menus by clicking the plus icon for the group. The blue state of the icon is toggled via <Left-Click> while the green state of the icon is toggled via <Middle-Click> or <Shift+Left-Click>.

Remove any groups that you do not use on a regular basis from the groups menu

You can add bookmarks to a group by drag and drop. To do this, first open the bookmarks sidebar in a separate sidebar box. Then drag the desired bookmark from the bookmarks sidebar to the desired group in the groups sidebar.

You an also drop browser tabs directly to a group in the groups sidebar. Dragging a browser tab to a group creates a bookmark for the web page open in the tab and adds that bookmark to the group.

A new bookmark is created only if no bookmark exists for the web page open in the tab

You can reorder bookmarks in a group by drag and drop. Additionally, you can move/copy bookmarks amongst groups by drag and drop.

Groups can be opened via the Groups Sidebar as well. To open a group in the Groups Sidebar middle click its title.

How to Create a New Group?

The simplest way to create a group is to open all the web sites you want to be part of the group in tabs and use the Add New Group button in the groups menu toolbar. This will bookmark all the open tabs and add them to a new group in the groups menu.

Add New Group

The other way to create groups is to use the new group button in the groups sidebar. The new group button is located in the groups toolbar at the bottom of the groups sidebar. New groups are given arbitrary names. To change the name of a group to something more meaningful, select the group in the groups sidebar, enter a new name in the form just above the group toolbar, and save the edited information.