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Categorize makes extensive use of menus to display lists of bookmarks and history items. These menus support buttons for manipulating the listed items. The buttons vary according to the type of items listed in the menu.

Bookmark Menus

Bookmark menus have two tag buttons at the end of each menu item. These buttons show the tagged status of a bookmark and also allow tagging of a bookmark without the use of a context menu.

Bookmark menus also allow searching and filtering of bookmarks via a textbox at the top of the menu. Additionally, items in the menus can be sorted in different orders via sort buttons.

Important Tag Button

History Menus

History menus have the bookmark button at the end of each menu item. This button indicates the bookmarked status of a visited page. Additionally, bookmarks for bookmarked pages can be edited by clicking the bookmark button.

Bookmark Button

Favorite icon buttons

The favorite icons at the left of each menu item in bookmark and history menus are clickable. They open the menu items to which the favorite icons belong without closing the menu. This behavior allows multiple items from a menu to be opened quickly.

Bookmark favorite icon button