5 Best PS4 Adventure Games of 2020

There can be nothing more thrilling than a graphically appealing adrenaline rush inducing sort of PS4 game which takes you on an expedition whether it is by allowing you to swim in the sea, or fly in space or fight in galactic wars. If you have a PS4 then you will have ample opportunity of experiencing all these adventures on your big screen as a treasure thief, a flirty space man or even as your favorite animal.

The following is our list for the Best PS4 Adventure Games that will give you a high of world’s best adventure experiences on screen.

Our Picks for the Best PS4 Adventure Games of 2020PS4 Adventure Game

1.     The Best out of All: Uncharted 4-Thief’s End

In this game, the situation begins with you being a retired fortune hunter but you are on a quest for one last adventure to locate the world’s biggest treasure and hence making the game Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. Of course, it isn’t a latest game but still this PS4 game has managed to maintain its place in the list of the Best PS4 Adventure Games because of its amazing creation and story line.


According to the perspective of third party the Uncharted 4 provides a cinematic view giving its users one of a kind adventures where you can climb up on old towers and tie your ropes on to a post, swing around the poles and even save yourself from the gunfire.

2.     The Best Art Direction: Okami HD

Okami HD is another one of the Best PS4 Adventure Games inspired by the Japanese woodcut and filled with the Sumi-e ink painting which appears as if these paintings have come to life. This is a graphically attractive adventure game based on action which portrays you as a mythical creature for a sun goddess who is present as a wolf with special super powers.

Okami HD

Just like in the game of The Legend of Zelda, Okami allows you to go on an adventure to free the world of all evil and corruption by the creepy demon of Orochi. The users are set off into an open world where they will be given challenging quests and other activities as the lead character in the story who have the liberty of moving on at their own pace.

3.     The Best Challenging Game: Dark Souls Remastered

If you are someone who is in search for an exhilarating challenge then you must opt for the Dark Souls Remastered PS4 Game in its latest 4K resolution HD version which is a renewed version of the real Dark Souls RPG adventure PS4 game which will put your patience skills at test. It sets you out into an open world type setting where you can go around exploring and surviving against your enemies who are on the quest for your blood.

Dark Souls Remastered

You can either be a sorcerer or a warrior; you will have the freedom to make your own character with unique characteristics which will then choose your weapon types, appearance, objects and other spells that you can cast. After this you will be sent out to the setting of the game.

4.     The Best Sci-Fi: Mass Effect Andromeda Deluxe

Mass Effect Andromeda is also another name in the list of the Best PS4 Adventure Games which is based on an outer space setting where your character can do everything including verbal conversation with extraterrestrial creatures to fight battles or even fall in love with these aliens. In addition to space fights and alien romance, this game also gives a third party perspective on a RPG experience where you will never get bored even if you have been playing for hours.

Mass Effect Andromeda Deluxe

Mass Effect Andromeda’s main aim is to explore the space world as players at their own comfortable pace to be able to commute to various planets in the galaxy of Andromeda to find a new home for the human race.

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