5 Best Tips for Excellent Mobile Photography!

Do you wish to inculcate excellent mobile photography skills? Then you can read and follow the top tips described in this article to become a total pro at Mobile Photography. No matter what the scenario or the event is you can snap excellent professional pictures using these tips with your mobile phone and can even print them, later on, to add value to your gallery or even memories. Whatever your photography journey is, it is imperative to learn a few tips for Mobile Photography so that no moment goes without a capture.

Mobile Photography

1.     The main crux is the Light

Without a doubt, it can be said that proper lighting is the main crux to be able to take any picture. The best is natural light where you can identify the sun making great shadows on subjects you wish to capture. Observe the reflection of the glass that is made on the windows of the buildings and the best time to practice mobile photography skills is during the famous ‘golden hour,’ which can be either the time before the sunset or the sunrise. You can use these important times of the day to practice your skills and become a pro at Mobile Photography in no time.


However you must remember that your smart phone isn’t equipped for high definition photography under low lights hence it is always prudent to adjust lighting before taking any images.

2.     Zoom in using your Feet!

Mobile Photography Zoom in

Mark these words in bold in your mind that never use the zoom-in option of your smart phone because this is the worst decision ever while snapping photos from your mobile phone. If you wish to capture something by zooming it then move back and forth using your legs. This is a technical aspect one must remember but you must remember that the zoom-in options on mobile devices is never professional.

3.     Do not shake your Phone!

Cameras do end up shaking when one isn’t paying attention even if the camera devices are big. Now the key to handle this aspect lies in how you hold your smart device while taking pictures.

iPhone 6 tripod mount
  • Hold your smart phone horizontally instead of vertically. This will give you a better grip and a wider picture frame.
  • Use the burst mode when taking pictures of subjects which are in motion.
  • Decide what to use as a shutter, this will either be a button or any software or a set timer, etc. The point is to find the best tools which will not shake your camera and will allow you to snap images without a blur.

4.     Be careful of the Angles you use

Try different perspectives for various subjects, constantly adjusting angles on a single shot is not a professional practice for a clear shot however this isn’t always the case because adjusting angles on a shot gives you more versatility in terms of perspective which will help you decide which angle will give the clearest shot.


Lay down on a flat ground or climb on a hill or move to one side in fact do whatever is necessary to get the best perspective with as many angles as possible.

5.     A Clean Glass is a Happy Snapping Tool

A Clean Glass is a Happy Snapping Tool

A clean and clear lens glass is the key for a clear shot. If your camera lens is covered with dirt and debris then the results will be poor hence it is important that you don’t touch the lens with greasy fingers and keep it clean using lens cleaning liquid.

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