How to fix My Sony DSLR Camera?

There are only a couple of things which can be as irritating as your camera being stuck while you are in the middle of a sightseeing tour or at any event. My Sony SDLR Camera is considered as one of the most reliable devices however it can also show certain errors over time. If you encounter any My Sony DSLR Camera Errors then an error message will be displayed on your screen giving you clues regarding the issue or at times the camera’s screen may go completely blank.

These error messages can cause one to panic but you must remember that appearance of an error message is more of a blessing than a trouble because you at least get a hint as to what may be the error rather than having a complete blank screen with no message at all. This article will provide details and solutions to some of the most commonly occurring My Sony DSLR Camera Errors so that you can enjoy your snapping experience without any hindrance.

Sony DSLR Camera

1.     Camera Overheating Error

When you are taking pictures by setting your camera on the continuous-shot mode or shooting a video using the video mode, then it is highly likely that the internal machinery may release excessive heat which could potentially result in damaging your camera device. If the internal temperature of the camera exceeds its maximum limit then you will see this error message. The simple fix is to switch off your camera for 15 minutes, giving some time for the internal machinery to return to its normal temperature.

2.     Card Error

Out of all the My Sony DSLR Camera Errors the “card error” message is an indication that your inserted memory card is simply not compatible with your camera. You will have to format this memory card while it is inside the My Sony DSLR camera but make sure you have downloaded all your images onto your PC prior to formatting it.

3.     Incompatible Battery Error

This error message among the other My Sony DSLR Camera Errors is quiet self explanatory because it clearly announces that your battery is simply incompatible with your Sony camera device. If you are sure that you are using a compatible battery then this message will be a warning that your battery is faulty.

4.     No Lens Attached, Shutter is Locked Error

This error message shows that you haven’t connected your Sony camera with its interchangeable lens in a proper manner. SO you must take an attempt at this again being careful that all threads are properly lined. The camera will not function if the lens is improperly attached.

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5.     No Memory Card Inserted. Shutter is Locked Error

This error message signifies that you will be required to put a memory card that is compatible with your Sony camera. If you already have a memory card inside your My Sony camera then it is possible that your memory card is not compatible or may be that your memory card was formatted. You must format your memory card while it is inside the My Sony DSLR Camera but remember to create a backup.

6.     Power Insufficient Error

The Power Insufficient error shows that your battery doesn’t contain sufficient power to do its job and you will need to charge it fully before taking any snaps.

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