How to fix the Nikon DSLR Camera Errors?

There can hardly be anything more annoying than the error messages that appear on the screen of your Nikon DSLR Camera or on any electronic viewfinder but you shouldn’t worry a lot because the perk of receiving a message for any of the Nikon DSLR Camera Errors is that this message gives you a hint as to what could the issue potentially be which is a lot better than your camera shutting down for no reason and not showing any error message at all. The following are some of the most common Nikon DSLR Camera Errors and the details on how to get rid of them.

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1.     ERR Error Message

If you encounter the “ERR” on the screen of your Nikon DSLR or on the electronic viewfinder then it could occur because of any of the following reasons:

  • The button that controls the shutter may not have depressed down in the proper manner
  • The camera may have been unable to capture the pictures in the configured settings for the manual exposure hence you can try reconfiguring these settings or simply use the automatic settings.
  • Your Nikon Camera device may have encountered an error with the start up. For this you should try taking out the battery plus the memory card for a good 15 minutes and then switch back on your camera.

2.     F– Error Message

A lot of times, this error message is confined with the Nikon DSLR cameras exclusively because it indicates an issue with the lens. The F—error means that the camera system and the lens are not getting connected properly. You must check your lens to see that it is properly locked into its housing slot. If you cannot get this lens to work properly then you need to try a different lens to check if the error still persists or not. You will then get to know if the issue is with the original lens or the camera device itself.

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3.     FEE Error Message

If you see the FEE error message on the screen of your Nikon DSLR camera it shows that your camera device is unable to shoot the images in the capture mode you have chosen. To fix this, you must switch on the manual aperture ring to its highest setting which would help you get rid of the error. You should also let your camera select the aperture setting on its own to take the images at the appropriate exposure setting.

4.     No Memory Card Error Message

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If you have inserted a SD Memory Card on your Nikon DSLR Camera device, then the error message for No Memory Card can appear because of various reasons. The first thing you need to make sure is that your Nikon camera is compatible with the memory card you are using. Then you need to see if your memory card is at its full capacity or not because if it full then you need to transfer images form it onto your PC. In the end it could be possible that the memory card is at fault or may have been erased on a different camera device, if this is the reason then you must reformat your memory card on the Nikon DSLR camera. You must remember that if you do end up formatting your memory card then all the images on it will be erased forever.

5.     Shutter Release Error Message

The Shutter Release Error message on the screen of your Nikon DSLR camera means that the shutter release is jammed. You need to check your button for the shutter for presence of any debris of dirt or any sticky particles which could have potentially jammed your shutter button. You need to clear the button and try it again.

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We hope that the above mentioned tips have helped you resolve your Nikon DSLR Camera Errors however if the issue still persists then it is prudent to take your camera to a repair center.

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