How to fix the Olympus Camera Error Messages?

If all of a sudden your Olympus Camera stops working or shows an error then the first thing you should do is not panic. Then you should ensure that all accessories of your camera are in their proper place and the battery is properly charged. If everything seems to be right then search for the Olympus Camera Error Messages on its LCD screen which is a way your camera is telling you the nature of the issue at hand. This article will talk about the five most commonly appearing Olympus Camera Error Messages and the steps you can adopt to get rid of these errors.

Olympus Camera

1.     Card or Card Cover Error Message

If on Olympus Camera you see any message that comprises of the word “card” then consider it most certainly that there is some kind of issue with your inserted memory card in your camera device. If the slot for the memory card or your battery isn’t properly sealed by the cover then you will see this “Card Cover” error on the LCD screen of your camera. However, if you think that there is an issue with the memory card itself then you must use the card on any other device to check if it is working or not.

2.     Image Cannot Be Edited Error Message

The standard Olympus point and shoot cameras are not equipped enough to edit pictures that have been taken on any other camera device which if you try to do so will show this error message on your screen. Moreover, on some of the Olympus camera models if you edit an image then you will not be able to make changes to it the second time.  Then the only option you will be left with is to transfer the pictures on your PC and then edit them there.


3.     Memory Full Error Message

You might be under the false assumption that this particular message out of all the Olympus Camera Error Messages is related to the memory card however this message only warns you that the internal memory space has gone full to its capacity. If you have a memory card then it’s all good otherwise you will have to delete some of the images from the internal memory to get rid of this error.

4.     No Picture Error Message

The No Picture Error Message informs you that your Olympus camera has no images that can be viewed whether it is on memory card or the internal memory of the camera itself. You need to make sure that you have inserted the right memory card or maybe you have put in an empty memory card. If you think there should be images on your memory card or in the internal memory and you are still seeing the No Picture error message then your memory card has gone rogue or there is issue with the internal memory.


5.     Picture Error Message

The Picture error appears to indicate that Olympus camera will not be able to show the images you have chosen. It is likely that the image files have been corrupted or that the pictures were taken using a different camera device. In this case you will have to transfer all image files on to your PC. If you can access these files on your PC then the images are fine and can be saved on your PC and used further ahead. However, if you cannot open these image files on your PC then the images are definitely damaged.

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