Things to Know Before Driving in Dubai

Dubai is a perfect place to chase careers or produce businesses that has led to a high proportion of expatriates in the city. The ratio of cars is highest as compared to other vehicles in Dubai due to large number of rich inhabitants. It makes driving more challenging than driving in most other cities on the planet. There is essentially the idea of peak hours as roads remain full during the day. So, we can say that driving in Dubai is hard task. Nonetheless, the bestsafedriver ensures safe driving anywhere in Dubai.

Here is the list of some things one should know before driving in Dubai


Drivers Most drivers do not keep a safe distance. Remember the three-second rule, always stay three seconds behind the front car. It adjusts for speed. You will find that you have left a safe place.

Avoid hand gestures

Most hand gestures in the UAE are highly offensive and can be punished by fines or imprisonment. Never be tempted to give a finger, vs, point or anything that is wrong in any way. The same goes for swearing – no one in the UAE swears.

Avoid Drugs

Under the newly amended traffic law in the UAE, driving under the influence of drugs is a criminal offense. Penalties for these violations include heavy traffic fines, seizure of a vehicle, detention of a driver, and revocation of a driver’s license. Always remember that there are radars and cameras on all major and main roads in Dubai to track any reckless driving behavior. Apart from these, road monitoring devices patrolled by Dubai police, there is no margin for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs without anyone noticing. You can be caught on the spot and immediately sent to jail. Drugs should be avoided while driving

Use navigation signboards

While driving in Dubai, you will find many navigation signboards that will help drivers reach different destinations without losing their way. The green signs on the road direct motorists towards vehicles within Dubai’s range, while the blue signs lead to routes that connect Dubai to other cities. If you know and can understand the signs correctly, signboard colors will help you to reach your destination without getting lost on the roads. These signboards are really very helpful.

Turn on Headlights

Most drivers don’t turn on the headlights especially during night, believing that if drivers can see the road, they do not need lights, other drivers can see them! Therefore, foggy conditions such as overnight driving and driving visibility can cause problems for motorists and even lead to dangerous road accidents. Drivers must turn on and operate their vehicle headlights when visibility on the road significantly reduces. There is a possibility of imposing heavy fines if you are caught by the traffic police or traffic monitoring radar.

Lane Discipline

To ensure secure and safe driving, keep your lane. In case, if you need to change lane, using indicator inform other drivers.

Stable Speed Limit

Never ever cross the speed limit. Dubai traffic authority reported that 70% accidents happen due to speed limit.

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