Top Three Things to do for a Stolen iPhone!

If you are also included in the victims of Stolen iPhone then you have ended up on the right page which intends to guide you on exactly what you need to do for a Stolen iPhone. Although these top tips cannot help you get back your iPhone however it surely can allow you to minimize the resulting data misuse.

phone stolen

When you find out that your iPhone is lost or has been stolen, it is only natural to get frustrated, angry and even crying won’t be an exaggerated emotion. However no need to hold on to these negative emotions, the very first task is to take precautions regarding your private information. There are three things that you need to do instantly for a Stolen iPhone especially to secure your data hence keep reading.

1.     Lock your iPhone and clear all data

For a Stolen iPhone the very first thing you need to do right after is to take measures for securing your personal data. If there is a passcode set on your iPhone, then your information is safe however if you haven’t set a passcode then you want to take added measures, you can use the tool of Find My iPhone to remotely lock your device and then put on a passcode. The least this will do is keep the thief from accessing your Stolen iPhone.

phone theft

If you are unable to get back your iPhone and if your phone has private data on it then it is prudent to remove all this data. You can easily do this online through iCloud. Even though removing all the data will not keep the thief from opening your iPhone however at least your information will stay safe.

If your iPhone is the property of your company then the IT department of your company will be able to access your phone and remove your data hence you must immediately get in touch with your company.

2.     Delete all Debit and Credit Cards registered on Apple Pay

Apple iPhone

If you are registered on the wireless payment service of Apple then you must instantly delete all debit and credit card details added on to your Stolen iPhone for using the service of Apple Pay. Even though Apple pay is a highly safe service and any unauthorized person cannot access it without your fingerprint or face unlock feature which of course the thief will not have however it would give you some peace of mind that your banking details are safe. You can also use the service of iCloud to delete your transaction details from your iPhone.

3.     Locate your Stolen iPhone using “Find My iPhone”

The service for Find My iPhone by iPhone is an incredible tool which helps you keep a track of your iPhone’s location by accessing the GPS feature built inside your phone and will be able to display the location of where your iPhone was accessed last time on the map.

Find My iPhone situation

However make sure that Find My iPhone service is enabled on your phone before. However if for some reason you don’t like using the Find My iPhone service then there are other apps that you can download from the Apple Play Store and set them up which can later on help you locate your iPhone. In fact many of these apps will also allow you to configure your security settings as well by remote access.

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